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Juliet [userpic]
Misuse of 'Respectively'; Field Methods Don'ts

Just got an e-mail from one of my Kiowa students (for the class I TA for).

She ended the e-mail with:



Speaking of facepalm, in my Field Methods class we analyzed our elicitation from Thursday, and I believe the two girls who elicited started to feel a little attacked and began to become quite defensive, as we spent most of class talking about the errors that were made.  For example...

Some students bothered the speaker so much about tonal differences on two words, that he wrote them out on the board (huge don't) and then taught us the tones in his language (even huger don't).

Some people started asking him to define affixes. (which is our job, not his)

And the last half of the class was spent eliciting noun phrases about "male cat" and "female cat".  Everyone was so sick of phrases like "those six white female cats" by the end of it.  Variety, it was lacking.

In other news, Stephen is coming Friday to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Quite excited.  Now off to read and do thesis work.